Perlane / Restylane Promotion

 Volume   Reg Cost   Promo Cost   Approx. Price / ml 
 2 ml   $850   $750   $375 
 4 ml   $1600   $1440   $360 
 6 ml   $2400   $2100   $350 
 8 ml   $3200   $2720   $340 

Prices are for Perlane only, do not include any applicable tax and are cash prices only. To book an appointment see our "Book an appointment" page. This promostion is for a limited time only and can end without notice.

You can prepay for any amount of syringes (mls) you wish and take advantage of the savings. In this case you have up to 1 year from the purchase date to use any of the syringes that are prepaid for ahead of time.